terça-feira, 8 de junho de 2010


Everybody says needs to follow a religion.
I disagree.
People often say that religion is very important for the life of every good citizen.
I desagree.
In my opinion, religion is another way to alienate people by their faith. I don't follow any belief, but essentially because I see many disgusting cases in all churches around the world.
Unfortunately many people think that the person who doesn't follow any religion is because of he doesn't believe in God. Misunderstanding. I haven't got religion. But I love, I believe and I surrender my life to God every day.
I think that more important than following a religion, is to follow ideals of equality, brotherhood, friendship. If everyone thought like this, certainly it would be unnecessary to the existence of religion, just as I believe.

4 comentários:

  1. This is the central problem, my friend. Jesus teachings have been converted to "religion". And, unfortunately, like you said, religion has become a mean of political manipulation of the people mass. You are completely right when you say that is necessary to believe in GOD, nor a religion, instead. Spirituality is independent of going to a church, and sing "gospel" songs, and read Bible, etc. Spirituality is be able to recognize GOD's existence through the beauty of the nature, of all creations about the world. People have to know the true meaning of religion: that is a try to be closer from GOD, and no way, a mean of making false judgements about our brothers.

  2. I perfectly agree with everything you said my friend. I admire you so much for you thinking like this.^^

  3. I don't need to write my thinking about this!! I desagree.

  4. I can to understand your thought, you don't need even write. And...long live the diversity of thoughts and opinions of all the people around the world!^^